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Why you should hire professional logo designer in Ahmedabad

So, you have planned to launch a new business or extend your product line. You have got a business idea and done with the name for it, then the time is set for new logo design. There are several options for that.

  • Do it yourself
  • Get a friend to do that
  • Hire a professional logo designer

Most of the people will start with the DIY job for their logo needs. And few will ask to a friend or relative to design a simple logo for their new brand. These are the set of people who knows how to use some design software like Adobe Illustrator. They will mix up some online and readily available references with images and offer you a logo design. However, these part time designers and friends are the people with less or no knowledge regarding typography, colour schemes, psychology of design, positive and negative spaces, fonts and more. And they should not be designing your new brand’s logo at least if you are serious about your new venture.

There are many free mobile apps and design software available in the market that gives you limited access to design parameters and also ready to use design templates which are widely used worldwide and almost copied 1000 times before you select them for your logo.  And that is why lot of people hesitate to hire professional and original logo designer in Ahmedabad when they can get all cheap or almost free logo design solutions from part time designers and friends.

On the other side when you hire some logo design agency or independent professional designer for your logo, you will get meaningful design for your brand. It will connect to your users, convey right set of message and represent your brand well. As a experienced logo design agency in Ahmedabad we understand the art of visual communication. We plan and research well about your set of audiences, your competition, your industry trends and more. Also we analyse the use of the logo in terms of print, digital, packaging, website, social media and more. Based on that we offer a sketched raw design option that is unique and original for your brand.

We understand logo design is the most important decision you make for your brand launch and we try to design it perfect from the first time. Your logo needs to be readable into the smallest size of your business cards and also onto the large print like posters and hoardings as well. It should remain stable on both at a time without loss of any quality. This is one of the thing that creative logo designers of The Logo Design 360 overlook while designing your logo.

Now it is up to you to decide whether you need to hire professional logo design agency in Ahmedabad for your next logo design and brand launch or just to go with copied concept.

Top Logo Design Trends – 2

In our last blog as a logo design company in Ahmedabad, we have discussed some of the design trends for logo. Which most of the clients prefers and as a logo design agency Ahmedabad we suggest to our customers. However, last time we haven’t finished to trends fully and still there are some more to discuss.

Negative Space Logo: This is the favourite design option for any logo designer. It allows maximum space to show creativity and create an article that goes well with the product or service theme. Logo designers in Ahmedabad can use shapes, texts, product or service concepts or even abstract items to create negative impression. This type of logo design gives sophisticated look with minimalistic effect.

Minimalistic: Minimalism has been increasing logo design trend for the last few years. It gives clean and simplistic look but impression communication through logo. The core benefit of such logo is that it looks great on both print and digital, both on small and big sizes. Such logo design has urban and stylish effect to offer which no other concept matches well.

Creative Typography: Creative typography is inevitably the hottest logo design trend of 2019. Whether integrated with logo icon or not, creative typography logo design includes the full or abbreviated brand name written in creative and unique ways, so it can be well recognised and remembered.

Vintage Logo: As the name suggest, this will be a logo design that gives you nostalgia effect, which some brands typically use to ensure the age of the brand and to show that since long they are in the market. Also it evokes the trust factor amongst the users or customers.

Optical Illusions: One of the best way to create engaging logo is to make the viewer look twice. Optical illusion does the same thing for your brand. Our logo designers in Ahmedabad are good at manipulating perspective and creating illusion that defy logic on the first glance and increase the chances of second look. It increases the chance of your brand getting remembered easily.

The above logo design trends have multiple options to explore. No matter what your preferences are, your customers and industry types or the message you need to communicate through your logo design, our best logo design company in Ahmedabad offers your second to none logo design service.

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