Top Logo Design Trends – 2

In our last blog as a logo design company in Ahmedabad, we have discussed some of the design trends for logo. Which most of the clients prefers and as a logo design agency Ahmedabad we suggest to our customers. However, last time we haven’t finished to trends fully and still there are some more to discuss.

Negative Space Logo: This is the favourite design option for any logo designer. It allows maximum space to show creativity and create an article that goes well with the product or service theme. Logo designers in Ahmedabad can use shapes, texts, product or service concepts or even abstract items to create negative impression. This type of logo design gives sophisticated look with minimalistic effect.

Minimalistic: Minimalism has been increasing logo design trend for the last few years. It gives clean and simplistic look but impression communication through logo. The core benefit of such logo is that it looks great on both print and digital, both on small and big sizes. Such logo design has urban and stylish effect to offer which no other concept matches well.

Creative Typography: Creative typography is inevitably the hottest logo design trend of 2019. Whether integrated with logo icon or not, creative typography logo design includes the full or abbreviated brand name written in creative and unique ways, so it can be well recognised and remembered.

Vintage Logo: As the name suggest, this will be a logo design that gives you nostalgia effect, which some brands typically use to ensure the age of the brand and to show that since long they are in the market. Also it evokes the trust factor amongst the users or customers.

Optical Illusions: One of the best way to create engaging logo is to make the viewer look twice. Optical illusion does the same thing for your brand. Our logo designers in Ahmedabad are good at manipulating perspective and creating illusion that defy logic on the first glance and increase the chances of second look. It increases the chance of your brand getting remembered easily.

The above logo design trends have multiple options to explore. No matter what your preferences are, your customers and industry types or the message you need to communicate through your logo design, our best logo design company in Ahmedabad offers your second to none logo design service.

Top Logo Design Trends – 1

There are many questions that we face from our clients on day to day basis like..

  • What makes logo special?
  • How to make a remarkable logo?
  • Do the customers judge the effectiveness of brand based on the logo design?
  • Is it advisable to change the logo design or color for remarketing or rebranding?
  • What are the current logo design trends that makes our logo more effective?

and so many others.

As a best logo design company in Ahmedabad, we would like to say that there is no particular theory in design science that calculate the effectiveness of it. But there are some trends to follow surely. These trends determine the patterns and preferences on a large scale.

Organizations depends on top logo designer in Ahmedabad to create brand identity that resonate with their target audiences and communicate properly their end message. And for designers to make the end result effective, it’s necessary to stay on top of the logo design trends. Whether the logo is specifically designed for class or mass of audiences, below are some of the trends that we observe makes an impact.

Float Logo Design: One way to stand out from the competition is to have three-dimensional shape with extreme flat logo design feel. Flat logo design is been around for some-time now but in recent time graphic designers have found a new way to represent it. The benefit of this design type is that it is easy to view on both print and digital.

Bright Colors: Bright colors are purely one of the logo design trends we have observed recently because of increasing digital exposure. These types of logo designs looks awesome on screen reflecting bright colors.

Multi-Color Gradients: Referring the latest rebranding of Instagram logo, this trend is continue to grow. By blending colors with graphical patterns and text, designers are able to make palette which are bespoke and fresh. Also the gradients with bright colors makes stimulating emotions on all types of digital screens.

Metallic Logo Design: Metallic look for logo design is bit of new to the current trends, earlier it was mainly used for jewelry brand, restaurants and few other categories. However, it is now well optimized by all size and category or businesses. Particularly this type of logo is more useful when print communication is more to emphasize for branding.

Paxter Design: Best Logo Design Company in Ahmedabad. We visualise, design and deliver best logo for your brand.

Hand Drawn Logo: Hand drawn logo is one of the choices for industry specific requirements mainly for artists, musicians, architect and others. Resent growth of such types of logos is also because ease of drawing tools that converts graphics easily into illustrations. The use of calligraphy makes this logo designs more interesting.

As a logo design Ahmedabad agency, we noted confidently that no matter what types of logo design you choose for your brand, there is always a scope of getting balance between creativity and effectiveness. Client’s generally demand a logo that is more of a creative object rather than a communication tool, and we at Paxter Design, makes them understand the balance between graphical representation and brand identity instrument.

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